The rules have been set for determining the prices of lots sold without auction

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The rules for determining the purchase price of lots under federal ownership in a contract without a competitive bidding process have been approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Today reported from the press service of the Cabinet that the price of land is now by law determined by the government at the conclusion of these transactions. Before the establishment of the government pricing procedure, citizens and legal entities had the right to buy them at the cadastral value.
The price of land is determined for owner located on the site of the obscure individual house, cottage or garden house, the garage, the price of land is determined by its sale of 60% of the cadastral value. The same when selling its legal entity - owner located on this site of the building, which is the object of national importance.
The price of the land plots allocated to legal entities or non-profit organization established by citizens for integrated development (individual housing construction or for the conduct of country economy), and belonging to public property, is defined of 2,5% of cadastral cost.