Brand new car manufacturing plant

Brand new car manufacturing plant
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Construction in Belarus on the first stage of the new Chinese ‘Geely’ car plant is to begin at the end of May 2015.As reported to by the management of Belgee Enterprise, the cost of the first line of the plant, with a capacity of 60 thousand cars a year plus welding, coloring and assembly of car bodies, will be about $330 million. It is to start on January 1st, 2017. If everything goes well, in 2018 construction of the second line, which will double capacity to 120 thousand cars, will begin.We remind you that in October 2011 the Ministry of Industry of Belarus signed the memorandum of cooperation for the production of cars with the Chinese company Geely, and in December with SZAO "Belgee", on the basis of which the assembly of cars began. In February 2013 the first car was assembled, and in March the first cars were sold.Now "Belgee" produces 40 cars daily, and the annual capacity of the enterprise is around 10 thousand cars.