In Bratsk, a modern woodworking complex will be built

In Bratsk, a modern woodworking complex will be built
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Construction of a modern sawing and woodworking complex in Bratsk will be finished by September, 2015.As reported in via the press service of the city administration, the complex under construction will be able to process 12-15 thousand cubic meters of wood per shift. Except for the main building, a boiler room for heating the production rooms and drying rooms is to be built. The heat production process will use waste from the combine and other site activities. In particular, the recycling of sawdust for production of wood pellets - biofuel in the form of pellets – is planned. Capacity will be from 4,000 to 8,000 tons of wood pellets per month. The residue formed in the course of woodworking will go to production of cellulose at Bratsk of LPK. Thus, production will be almost without waste by-products. At the complex, 200 new jobs will be created.