How many schools will be built in Moscow this year

How many schools will be built in Moscow this year
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The construction of 7 schools for 3,860 pupils, 12 primary schools and 21 nursery schools for 6,300 children, are to be built in Moscow at the expense of the city budget.

Andrei Bochkarev, Head of the Moscow Construction Department announced it at the press-conference on the results of the first half-year. According to him, as our special correspondent Yury Kipin reports, the total volume of the special purpose investment program reaches 320 billion rubles. Two thirds of the sum will be used for the roads and connections construction as well as for the new metro lines. 83 km of new roads with 26 different objects will be put in operation this year. For now 36 km of roads are ready, 8 km of metro-lines from 30 km planned have already been laid.
The program is already 30% fulfilled. Big money has been allotted for the construction of social objects. Since the beginning of the year 25 blocks of flats, 4 nursery schools for 820 children and 2 schools for more than 1,000 pupils have been built.
Since 2010 carrying out expert assessments and electronic auctions have allowed the city to decrease the cost of the majority of objects by 30%. Speaking about the crisis impact on construction in the city, Bochkarev stressed that there was no sharp rise of the construction material costs. The ruble fall lead to the cost rise of imported equipment for healthcare, sports and culture objects. Despite this, the price parameters of the special purpose program have remained unchanged.