Sobyanin: the best paving plants are put into operation in Moscow

Sobyanin: the best paving plants are put into operation in Moscow
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The volume of faulty work during the reconstruction of road covering was reduced 10-fold if compared with 2013.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin talked about it during his inspection of two coating plants belonging to SBE “Automobile roads”. New equipment with the capacity of 240 tons an hour is located in New Biryulyovo on the territory of the former dump. As our special correspondent Yury Kipin reports that 800,000 m3 of waste were taken away from the site.
“Putting the new plants in operation will allow us to save 400 million rubles due to purchasing of cheaper quality material for road construction – a 20% saving from each ton», - Sobyanin said. According to him, the new plants put in operation this year have no analogs in Europe. Their work will enhance the quality of road construction throughout the city.
Since 2010 the number of contractors repairing roads in Moscow has decreased 10-fold. Those who didn't have their own production or equipment have left the market. Also the quality of work has increased. Contractors should keep in mind that if the work is done poorly, they will have to do it anew at their own expense.
To remind you: in 2010 - 2014 92 million m2 of road covering was repaired. Thetaskforthisyearis 12 millionm2.