“New city” is offered to be quickly built in Vladivistok by Chinese

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“New city” is offered to be quickly built in Vladivistok by Chinese
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Primorye Vice-Governor Oleg Ezhov and Chair of Board of “Jingu” corporation Li Yuysin discussed the issues of Chinese investment in the housing construction of the region.

As explained to Construction.ru in the regional press-service, the Jingu corporation offers its services as an investor for the construction of the new residential area “New city” in Vladivostok, and a complex housing development of the residential area “Raduzhny” in Ussuriysk. Both projects are to be carried out in the framework of the program “Housing for the Russian Family”. According to the Vice-Governor, the project “New city” is a ready construction ground and the implementation of the project will be mutually beneficial. Li Yuysin, in his turn, said that his corporation uses advanced technologies of assembly unit construction, allowing them to reduce the time of construction, the number of workers employed and energy consumption three-fold.
In addition to implementing these projects, Chinese investors are interested in the creation of an industrial park nearby. It will provide for quicker delivery of necessary materials and thus reduce expenses on their production.
Oleg Ezhov suggested locating such an industrial park on the territory of the advanced development “Nadezhdinskaya”.
To remind you, the project “New city” provides for the construction of 36 blocks of 6,728 flats. And complex development of the residential area “Raduzhny” includes the construction of flats, townhouses and cottages with a total area of 1.9 m square meters for 7,000 people.