Abdulatipov informed Putin about the situation in Dagestan

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Abdulatipov informed Putin about the situation in Dagestan
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Half of municipal heads have been replaced, every fourth deputy of the republican parliament will be a woman.

Head of the Republic of Dagestan Ramzan Abdulatipov told President Vladimir Putin about it during a meeting at the president's residence Novo-Ogarevo. As he said, staff rotation is in full swing in the republic. There were districts in the republic where there were neither women nor young people among deputies. There will be elections in 20 districts and towns soon.
Local authorities have set a quota for 25% of women and 30% of young people among deputies. Now Dagestan is in the first dozen of Russian regions as to economic development agricultural production rates. Ramzan Abdulatipov asked the President of the RF to stimulate the adoption of the program on the Republic of Dagestan's priority development, which has been prepared, coordinated and is now in the Government.