Half a billion ? for kindergardens in Dagestan

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Half a billion ? for kindergardens in Dagestan
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In Dagestan, 500 million rubles will be spent this year on the construction of childcare preschool educational institutions, 160 million rubles of which will come from the regional budget.

The Minister of Finance for the republic, Ali Islamov, discussed this yesterday at a press conference in Makhachkala. According to him, the preference for the construction of kindergartens will be given to municipalities where so far there are not enough of them. At the same time, the head of the Dagestan Ministry of Finance emphasized that the state welcomes in every possible way the construction of private kindergartens. Certain funds from the republic’s budget can even be set aside for their support.

Islamov reminded us that last year 613 million rubles was allocated from the federal budget for the construction of kindergartens. In total, 15 objects for general education with 2,949 student places and 27 kindergartens with 3,980 student places were constructed.