President Putin has spoke on the integration of taxation and fiscal policies

President Putin has spoke on the integration of taxation and fiscal policies
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The concept of justice should unite tax policies and fiscal policies, and taxes decreases for business should be connected with the removal of some state obligations.

Vladimir Putin spoke on this at the conference of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on March 24th in Moscow.

Entrepreneurs must have a long-term plan for their activities and additional finance for development, he said. The Russian authorities are considering decreasing the fiscal load, but it is not so simple.

Nevertheless, a moratorium for the taxation load alteration has been introduced and will last until 2018. Administrative inspections of business will be arranged, and the authorities are ready to move forward in finding the solution to this problem.

But they are waiting for entrepreneurs’ suggestions on cancelling needless and duplicated functions of the regulatory bodies. On March 23rd, a meeting between representatives of business associations and law enforcement officials was held.  

Relief from criminal responsibility for economic crimes and an increase in the minimal threshold for inflicted damage were discussed. The third amendment, according to the President, should include the expansion of the opportunity for a civil law notary to gain access to an entrepreneur grounded or held under guard.

It is also necessary to determine the term for the recognition of withdrawn objects as physical evidence and the return of the objects which are not evidence, Vladimir Putin pointed out. He stressed that Russian business has become more responsible and mature, and that there are more companies fulfilling their social commitments.

The number of domestic companies working under transparent regulations is growing, and they are fulfilling their social and public commitments and paying taxes regularly.

Entrepreneurs and revenue services have managed to arrange conventional and businesslike collaboration.  It has become beneficial for business to work “in the white”, and the reputation of a law-abiding entrepreneur is borne out by stability and the attractiveness of investments. 

“We consider business and the entrepreneurs’ community as allies of the state and as authorities on all levels in the construction of a competitive economy for a strong and wealthy country", the RF President concluded.