Mikhail Menn determines priorities for Russian Construction Ministry

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Mikhail Menn determines priorities for Russian Construction Ministry
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The key middle-term priorities of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities are to provide the citizens with available housing and to enhance the quality of services in the utility sector, the Construction Minister of Russia, Mikhail Menn, said at a session of the President’s Council on Strategic Development and Priority Projects on Thursday.

Delivering the report, he reminded that the main task of the Government is to achieve an annual volume of new housing supply of 100 m sq.m. One of the main conditions for attaining this goal is to use both new lands and inefficiently exploited territories inside the towns, including the former industrial zones.

Such opportunity appeared after President Vladimir Putin had signed a corresponding law. One of the instruments of implementation of this complex mechanism is development of the program on involvement of federal lands in housing construction. Over 15,000 hectares, where housing for 2 m households is expected to be built, are planned to be involved by 2018.

Also, the Government plans to launch an instrument of collective investments based on establishment of co-funding investment funds with the purpose of implementation of the rental housing projects.

The reform is producing first effect, but at present, this sphere has a lot of troubles and the Ministry’s strategic goal is to make the utilities and housing sector an industry meeting up-to-date requirements. For that purpose, first, it’s necessary to establish a competitive market of housing management, having made it absolutely transparent. Second, there is a need to modernize communal infrastructure at the expense of private investments, said Mikhail Menn.