Contractors sought for three Moscow metro stations

Contractors sought for three Moscow metro stations
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“Mosinzhproyekt” JSC, Russia’s leading engineering company in the construction industry, has announced two tenders for contractors to build three metro stations – “Rzhevskaya”, “Sheremetyevskaya” and “Stromynka”.

According to the public purchases website, the contract cost might reach 38.12 bln roubles. All three metro stations are to be built at the second construction stage of the third interchange circuit of the Moscow metro.

The winner of the first tender will have to construct the “Rzhevskaya” and “Sheremetyevskaya” stations, as well as tunnels, for 18.89 bln roubles, and the winner of the second one will construct the “Stromynka” station, with tunnels, for 19.23 bln roubles. The work must be completed by the 31st of August, 2018.

Bids for the tender will be received until the 31st of May. The winner will be determined on the 7th of June, 2016.