100+ Forum Russia in 2017 will be dedicated to unique and high-rise construction

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100+ Forum Russia in 2017 will be dedicated to unique and high-rise construction
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What is to be expected from the constructors’ professional forum?

At the beginning of October, the 100+ Forum Russia International forum for unique and high-rise construction, one of the basic events of the construction industry, will take place in Yekaterinburg. It is appreciated by specialists for the profound consideration of the problems in the industry.

Why is it on the Urals that a professional forum appeared, how do they manage to uphold the name of a specialised event, and is it necessary to turn the forum into an exhibition of construction achievements or an investment site? All these questions have been discussed in the following interview with Vera BELOUS, Executive Director of the Ural constructors’ Association SRO, Executive Secretary of the Forum organizing committee.


— I’d like to say at once that we are not going to turn the forum into an investment site. But we are going to expand the format of the forum by adding an exhibition of construction industry achievements. And, of course, we remain focussed on basic engineering and the technical and even enhance it.


— The topics of the «100+» used to be different: underground construction, long span structures, and many others. What topic should be considered the main one?

— Our main topic is unique and high-rise construction, and we shall continue it this year. It includes bridges, airports, residential, office and multifunctional high-risers. The number of topics grows every year.

In 2016 we spoke about urban development, architecture and urban planning. This year, special sessions will be dedicated to transport infrastructure planning, dealing with historical and architectural monuments, and green architecture.

A serious discussion is expected on the problems of the creation of a quality urban environment. Presently, the topic is so acute that the RF Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities made it a special priority project.

100+ Forum Russia in 2017 will be dedicated to unique and high-rise construction


— You have mentioned that the forum will include an exhibition of the industry’s achievements and innovations. What will you show there?

— We are planning to show how houses are built by a 3D-printer. China has the experience of such construction, and an experimental house has been built on a 3D-printer in Moscow. We are going to present a development result of a Ural enterprise.

Besides this, specialists from the Krylov State Research Centre will demonstrate their unique development — a landscape wind tunnel used for testing different models and determining the wind load on high-risers, long span bridge structures and other unique objects, taking into consideration the surrounding landscape

Experts will explain how the wind tunnel was used for the simulation of the wind pressure on the structures of the Kerch bridge.

Additionally, the largest developers of the region, producers of modern construction materials, will take part in the exhibition and new technologies will be presented.


— Will the lecture about the construction of the Kerch bridge be the only one? What other interesting lectures will be delivered at 100+ Forum Russia?

— The previous forums showed that the events at it interest many students of different universities of the country. The educational cluster of «100+» of 2017 will have its own site with a special business program — 100+ Education.

It is being prepared together with Russian higher educational institutions. Some outstanding architects will be invited as speakers. Within the 100+ Education program the results of the “Green line” All-Russia students’ competition, dedicated to green architecture, will be summed up. About a hundred of the most interesting projects will be exhibited in the forum’s pavilion. Also, the annual assembly of the European Civil Engineering Education and Training” Association will take place within the forum.

The participants of the EUCEET assembly will discuss how the construction universities should actualise their curricula to meet the demands of the construction industry. The demands are constantly growing, new technologies appear, and the educational system must prepare specialists at the appropriate level.

100+ Forum Russia in 2017 will be dedicated to unique and high-rise construction


— What is included in the basic business program?

— The RF Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Mikhail Menn, speaking at the sitting of the organising committee of the forum, said that 100+ Forum Russia is the only event whereby the aim of which is not to attract investors but to discuss actual problems in the construction industry. That is why the business program consists of different scientific presentations, where difficult construction cases and exchanges of experience are discussed rather than a presentation of definite developers’ projects.


— Many foreign experts are known to take part in «100+».

— Well, actually, the word ‘international’ is not used by chance in the title of the forum. This year we are expecting Vicente Guallart, the former chief architect of Barcelona. His specialisation is the concept of “towns of the future”, including such aspects as drones, free wi-fi, solar batteries, etc., which are not thought of seriously at present. He is sure that a project designer cannot make a modern project if he does not understand why sustainable sources of energy should be provided.


— In 2014 the Centre of High-rise competence was created at the forum. And the road map of the investment climate improvement was adopted. What was the practical result of these for the construction industry?

— The road map is presently one of the basic documents of the construction industry. It implies the revision of the industry’s norms and regulations in a way to make the work in construction simpler, and that construction quality meets modern demands. It focusses on acute problems demanding a solution.

Last year, two new codes of practice on engineering systems and design rules for high-risers project engineering were adopted by the Ministry of Construction. This year, four more codes of practice on high-rise construction are expected to be developed.


— Are all these documents discussed at 100+ Forum Russia?

— They are discussed in the Ministry of Construction, at the forum, and the Centre of high-rise competence takes an active part in public discussion, collects notes and systemises them before sending them to development contractors.

A great number of construction experts gather at the forum. This year, we are to discuss the fire security code of practice for the first time. It would be useful for many specialists of the construction industry to take part in the discussion. So we invite everybody. See you at 100+ Forum Russia!

Artyom ORLOV