Expert opinion: Self-regulation in the construction sphere starts producing benefits

Expert opinion: Self-regulation in the construction sphere starts producing benefits
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Mikhail Menn, the RF Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities

The introduction and activation of the national register for specialists in the construction industry is a very important measure both for self-regulating organisations and the reformation of the industry on the whole. The National Constructors’ Association (NOPRIZ), together with the specialists from the ministry, have both carried out large-scale work and achieved a new level of development. Presently, self-regulation in construction has started changing its image and is producing real benefits for the industry. 

The situation was absolutely different a year ago. Last May, at the State Council sitting, President Putin reminded business representatives that they themselves had asked to be released from communicating with the officials who issued certificates and licenses for construction, and asked for self-regulation. Unfortunately, at that time neither the state nor the industry achieved the results everybody had expected.

The Ministry, together with NOSTROY, prepared a package of legislative amendments which has actually been almost fully implemented.

Presently, the main task is to stimulate companies, including, to begin with, regional ones that must declare their specialists on the national register. The deadline is July 1st.

Unfortunately, we see some lagging behind the schedule. But it is always this way in Russia, with everything being left until the eleventh hour.

Construction companies should understand that those who do not present their specialists to the national register will actually stay out of the game regarding expertise, participation in various tenders and competition procedures.  As far as legislation is concerned, these are believed to be the last large-scale changes in the system which itself will later be honed to support the process of law enforcement.