How many Crimea inhabitants are still without electricity?

How many Crimea inhabitants are still without electricity?
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As of December 4th, about 166,400 consumers in the Republic of Crimea are still without electricity. In Sevastopol there are about 25,200 such inhabitants.

As the press office of the RF Ministry of Energy told, the total capacity of the blackout is 152 MW. To restore the energy supply to socially important infrastructure objects, 2304 reserve sources of energy with a total capacity of 234 MW have been put to work. The fuel supply for mobile gas-turbine thermal power plants can provide for the continuous operation of all gas turbine plants for 18 days. Consumers are being connected to power supply sources.

To remind you, Ukraine stopped delivering electrical energy to Crimea on November 22nd. Starting on December 2nd, 200MW from the first stage of the energy supply bridge under construction from the Krasnodar district began to enter Crimea. The Crimeans are now demanding that the authorities fully reject deliveries of Ukranian electricity.