Kuban-Crimea gas pipeline construction

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Kuban-Crimea gas pipeline construction
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The Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Crimea have asked for 9.5 billion rubles from the federal budget for the construction of a Kuban-Crimean gas pipeline by 2018 with a capacity of 2 billion cubic meters of gas per year. As was written in "Kommersant" today, in the middle of April the Ministry of Crimea sent the amendment to various departments on the development of Crimea from now until 2020, requesting a total amount of 19.8 billion rubles. This is for changes in the development of the gas networks that was supposed to have been fully financed by non-budgetary sources.Now the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the council of ministers of Crimea are suggesting that the federal budget finances construction of the gas pipeline in the Krasnodar side of Crimea to the tune of 9.57 billion rubles. Crimea is currently provided with gas from its own production from "The Black Sea oil gas – Chernomor-nefte-gaz". Additional gas will be necessary for the 900 MW new gas power plants which are planned for 2018, in order to end the dependence of the peninsula on deliveries of electric power from Ukraine. This must be delivered via the future gas pipeline from the Krasnodar Region from the compressor station "Russkaya", and also the underwater stretch of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. The pipe to Crimea will provide 2 billion cubic meters a year. In Crimea, "The Black Sea oil gas – Chernomor-nefte-gaz" will most likely be engaged in the construction of the gas pipeline.