What the Russian-Chinese Forum of small and medium-sized businesses will be like in Sochi

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What the Russian-Chinese Forum of small and medium-sized businesses will be like in Sochi
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The Russian-Asian Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (RASPP) will be one of the organizers and participants of the business program on April 14th-15th.

As Construction.ru was told by the RASPP press office, this decision was made at the meeting of the Forum’s organizing committee at the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

Representatives from the Union will speak at the event in the capacity of moderators and as participants of several round tables. They will discuss the peculiarities of business with Chinese partners in the field of innovations, industry and equipment production.

Besides this, they will speak about the way Russians enterprises can protect their intellectual property rights in China.

It’s expected that 800 representatives from business, governmental and industrial associations from Russia and China will participate in the Forum. In addition, within the framework of the business program, a session on Russian business positioning in China will be held.

“The plans on cooperation, drawn up earlier, will be realized today. In the Vologda Region the construction of two large stock-raising complexes is being carried out. In the Novgorod Region a project for road infrastructure is being implemented jointly with Chinese investors. I’m convinced that these agreements, which were reached within the framework of the second MSB Russian-Chinese Forum, won’t remain dead letters for long. The Forum in Sochi will start the implementation of new joint projects”, said RASPP president Vitaly Monkevich, at a meeting of the Forum’s organizing committee.

To remind you, about 300 delegates from Russia took part in the first MSB Russian-Chinese Forum, named “Big Opportunities for Small And Medium-Sized Businesses”, which was held in April, 2015 in Beijing. As a result, 28 cooperation agreements and 10 memorandums of understanding were signed by Chinese investment companies and representatives from the Russian Federation.