Who was at the international economic forum in Yalta

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Who was at the international economic forum in Yalta
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Today in Crimea at Ponizovka (Big Yalta), the two-day Yalta International Economic Forum opened.

As the head of the Republic, Sergey Aksenov, declared in Simferopol to journalists, this forum will be held annually and will open up the investment potential of the peninsula. More than 400 businessmen and investors from Russia and other countries are taking part in it, as reported by one of the organizers of business meetings, co-chairman of the Business Russia Organization, Andrey Nazarov. They will be able to communicate with high-profile ministers in Crimea and learn about opportunities for, and advantages to, business in the region straight from the source. At a signing of contracts by the government of the republic and participants of SEZ of Crimea, a cooperation agreement is expected between the Council of ministers of the Crimea and the Business Club of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Questions of investments in specific projects will also be discussed and applications for participation in SEZ are to be submitted.
The Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation on the protection of the rights of businessmen, Boris Titov, the minister of the Russian Federation for Crimea, Oleg Savelyev, and the heads of Crimea and Sevastopol will participate in a forum.