Why did the USA arrest Mr Chigirinsky, one of the major Russian developers?

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Why did the USA arrest Mr Chigirinsky, one of the major Russian developers?
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A 66 year old Russian businessman, Shalva Chigirinsky, has been released on bail in the USA. On the 10thof March he was arrested on a criminal charge relating to a relationship with a minor.

As the local media pointed out, neither the police nor the court have made public the details of this case. However, it’s known that he is also charged with “risk of infliction of bodily harm”.

Mr Chigirinsky was arrested right after he had voluntarily gone to the police. The businessman rejects all charges against him and emphasizes that all them were made at a point when he was in the middle of legal proceedings with his former wife, Tatyana Panchenkova, over guardianship of their four children.

Shalva Chigirinsky will appear in court again on March 29th.

To remind you, as far back as 1997, Mr Chigirinsky took up the post of President of the Directors Council of the “ST Group”, established to implement construction projects in Moscow, mostly of business property objects.

In 2004 the entrepreneur set up the “ST Development” company, which has won the tender for the “Rossiya” hotel reconstruction worth $830m. In 2007, by request of one of the participants, the tender results were declared invalid.

However, the investment contract with “ST Development” hasn’t been annulled. In 2007, all of its developer’s projects were transferred to Russian Land Ltd. At present, Shalva Chigirinsky owns 50% of the Moscow Developing Company’s assets.

Its key projects are the erection of the “Rossiya” tower in “Moscow City” and two trade centers in the Russian capital for the German company Real Holding. The second development asset is “STT Group” CJSC, the projects of which include the “Kristal” skyscraper in Khanty-Mansiysk city.