Three variants of litter utilization according to Putin

Three variants of litter utilization according to Putin
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Russia produces 5.6 bln tons of litter a year, and only half of it is processed. The rest is buried or dumped, and the process is rather criminal.

The RF President, Vladimir Putin, spoke about this during the “Direct line”, answering a question about ecological conditions in the country. President Putin asked the All-Russia People’s Front to pay attention to this issue: “It is a job for the front”, he said. Besides this, the problem of waste utilization requires regulatory and legal framework development, as well as the careful attention of regional authorities.  

Vladimir Putin suggested introducing environmental charges in 2017, but for now such a toll may be a drag on producers. So, there are three options. The first one is the construction of utilization plants by those who produce litter. The second is to integrate industrial plants at a regional level and find an operator for waste utilization. The third is for the state to build such plants itself, said the head of state.