Top “Alfa-Bank” manager arrested for property transactions

Top “Alfa-Bank” manager arrested for property transactions
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Moscow police have detained one of the top managers of “Alfa-Bank”, Alexey Zhitlov. He is the head of the Directorate for the Support and Development of Bank Business Infrastructure, the press office of the Investigative Committee told

Using his position, Mr Zhitlov, when making property transactions, stole a total of over 246 m roubles. In particular, there is an issue concerning a building in Barnaul, which cost the bank 750 m roubles whereas its market price is just 500 m roubles.

At present, Alexey Zhitlov is under travel restrictions. The investigators are establishing which other persons are involved in this theft or others.

“Alfa-Bank” is the largest private commercial bank in Russia, founded in 1990. It also operates in seven countries, and is especially actively in Ukraine.