Russian Construction Ministry prepares “road map” for energy efficiency

Russian Construction Ministry prepares “road map” for energy efficiency
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On Tuesday, the head of the Construction, Housing and Utilities Ministry of Russia, Mikhail Menn, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of TechnoNICOL's new plant. The official recounted that the Ministry had prepared a “road map” for energy efficiency.

As our special correspondent, Alexei Nevsky, reported from the ground, Mikhail Menn, speaking to the press, said that the document, prepared and developed by the Construction Ministry and named the “road map for energy efficiency”, had been submitted for consideration and approval to the government of Russia.

In the proposed plan, the key principles are set forth regarding the usage and application of energy efficient construction materials.

The body expressed the hope that the document would be considered and approved by the government in the near future. As soon as it is available to the public, the Ministry will inform the press and enterprises producing thermal insulation.

Mikhail Menn emphasized that even though the government is making amendments to the “road map”, they will be insignificant.