Nine people killed at construction site in India

Nine people killed at construction site in India
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As a result of collapse of a building at the construction site, nine people were killed in the Indian city of Pune on Friday, India Today reports. Apart from that, there is a number of injured people.

As it became known, the construction slab fell down from the 14th storey of a tower of Pride Purple Constructions located in Balewadi area of this populous city. The workers, who were on the 14th storey, fell down with the slab.

The incident took place in Balewadi area when a construction slab, on the 14th floor of the under-construction tower of Pride Purple Constructions, collapsed. Thirteen labourers were on present on the 14th floor when the mishap took place. Eight of the builders died on spot.

The city authorities will examine, whether all needed safety measures had been taken at the construction site. At present, investigators are interrogating the building contractor and the owners to establish the circumstances of the inccident.