Large-scale project of the Moscow-river embankments reconstruction

Large-scale project of the Moscow-river embankments reconstruction
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Today, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobianin has announced the start of the large-scale project implementation: it goes about the reconstruction and improvement of the Moscow-river embankments.

As Sobianin has told journalists, the “Moscow-river” program contemplates the creation of comfortable approaches to the river.

At present, 40 areas are being reconstructed, including Luzhniki, Zariadie, Nagatino park for children, the embankment in the area of the Moscow-City.

«For the first time, here, Krasnopresnenskaya embankment was prolonged across the railway, the Mayor said, now it is to be prolonged towards Shelepikhinskaya embankment.

In three-four years 10 km of embankment on both sides of the river will be reconstructed and built anew, abandoned industrial areas will be renovated, and a new comfortable area will be created. Kutuzovsky avenue will be integrated with the City transportation hub, and the side-lanes to Krasnopresnenskaya embankments – with the Third Ring Road.

At present, the Moscow-river embankment line is 200 km long, its largest part being occupied with industrial areas. It is to be improved and turned into leisure areas.