KNAUF construction materials win contest in Belarus

KNAUF construction materials win contest in Belarus
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Construction materials produced by KNAUF company won the Republican professional contest of Belarus “The Best Construction Product of the Year – 2016”.

KNAUF-Acoustics gypsum-cardboard perforated sound-absorbing boards took the first prize in the category “The Best Construction Material (Product) of the Year”, the company’s press office told Construction.RU on Wednesday.

KNAUF-Fireboard gypsum incombastible fiber glass reinforced board won in another category – “The Best Product of Fire Security”. The contest is organized with the support and participation of industrial state and scientific institutions and enterprises of Belarus.

This is the 13th successive event held in the country. The contest’s idea is to identify the best materials, construction, technologies, instruments and equipment applied in the Republic.

An official reward ceremony will take place on the 6th of September in Minsk.