Experimental greenhouse in Yakutia starts production this year

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Experimental greenhouse in Yakutia starts production this year
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An experimental all-season greenhouse complex in Yakutia, which is located in the Russian Far East, is to start production as early as this December.

However, investors intend to launch construction of a main bulk in 2017, YakutiaMedia reports on Thurday.

According to Mayor of Yakutsk, Aisen Nikolaev, the project of construction of an all-season greenhouse in Yakutia was presented at the Far-Eastern Economic Forum and arose much interest.

“I believe that the modern project of Hokkaido Corporation and Almazergienbank will be successful and we hope that in December this year the first products will be released by this experimental greenhouse. Next year, investors intend to embark on the construction of a large greenhouse complex with an area of 3,5 hectares. This is a major project, which I hope they will be able to implement until 2020”.

As a reference, due to the usage of Japanese technologies, the project provides for production of about 500 tons of cucumbers and 4,000 tons of tomatoes per year. The project is to be realized in three stages.