Castles to be built in Hong Kong Disneyland for $1,4 bln

Castles to be built in Hong Kong Disneyland for $1,4 bln
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The Walt Disney Company, an American company, plans a large-scale six-year development in its smallest amusement park, Disneyland in Hong Kong. The project is estimated at $1,4 billion, the company’s press release says.

Last year, Hong Kong Disneyland suffered considerable losses due to drastic decrease in number of its visitors. Now the company hopes to reconstruct and expand a number of sites in the park, in order to attract there as many visitors as possible.

In particular, the following new world-class attractions are planned to be constructed: a transformed Castle and Hub area, an all-new Frozen themed land allowing visitors to experience the film stories, Dedicated Marvel themed area and a new entertainment venue, Moana's Village Festival in Adventureland.

Construction is scheduled to start in the year 2018, and since then, new sites will appear there each year. The company expects not just increase the revenue, but also to make its characters more popular in Southeastern Asia and China.