Reconstruction of embankment in Crimea estimated at $16m

Reconstruction of embankment in Crimea estimated at $16m
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Reconstruction of Alushta embankment in the Republic of Crimea will cost 1 billion rubles ($16 million), the Head of the Republic, Sergey Aksyonov, said at a meeting of the Crimean Council of Ministers on Monday in Simferopol.

“We have included 1 billion rubles in the draft budget for 2017. The state program for improvement and reconstruction of the embankment will be created. After that, following the example of Alushta, we will develop all coastal cities,” - Sergey Aksyonov said.

According to him, during the reconstruction of the embankment, most of the temporary retail outlets and public catering places will be removed.

“Since 90% of the facilities are without the construction permits, the corresponding legitimate and transparent solutions will be taken on them,” – he noted.