Rostec may invest $487 million in incineration plants

Rostec may invest $487 million in incineration plants
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Rostec State Corporation may invest 30 billion rubles ($487 million) in waste incineration plants situated in Moscow region and Tatarstan Republic, the Natural Resources Minister of Russia, Sergey Donskoy, told reporters today.

At the same time, the Minister noted that the total investment in the projects for five plants that were designed to burn garbage and produce electricity would amount to 150 billion rubles. Rostec will operate the projects.

“At present, the amount of investment is preliminary estimated at 150 billion rubles. Thirty billion rubles out of them account for Rostec only,” he added.

Sergey Donskoy stressed that the funds would not be allocated from the budget and that the key issue is how to make the system profitable, with the consideration of tariffs.