Russia invested $86,6 billion in US Treasury securities

Russia invested $86,6 billion in US Treasury securities
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In November, 2016, a volume of Russia's investments in US Treasury securities totaled $86,6 billion, according to report released by the Treasury Department of the USA.

This means that, compared with November, 2015, such investments made by Russia reduced by $1,4 billion. While in December of 2015 and in January of 2016 this figure grew up to $92,1 billion and $96,9 billion respectively.

After that, in period between March and August last year, these investments had been both increasing and declining. They reached the peak of $90,9 billion in June, whereas the lowest point was fixed in April at mark of $82,5 billion.

Among the top three countries investing in US Treasury securities, there are Japan ($1,109 trillion), China ($1,049 trillion) and Ireland ($275,2 billion).