Chinese landscape park to appear in Moscow

Chinese landscape park to appear in Moscow
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5.5 hectares large Chinese landscape park will be built in the Ostankino district of Moscow.

As the press office of the Moscoe Mayor’s administration has told Construction.RU today, an artificial pond will be created in the centre of the park. Streams running across the territory of the park will flow into it. There also will be a beautiful entrance group, a Chinese restaurant, a tea ceremony house, and an exhibition centre.

All the objects will be constructed in the traditional Chinese style, about 2,000 plants will grow there, walking paths, wooden bridges and benches will be provided.

The work on the construction site is to be completed in 2018.

To remind you, RF President Putin and Premier of the State Council of the PRC agreed on the construction of the park in 2011. It will be included in the project of the Chinese business centre in Moscow.