Top manager of Venezuelan PDVSA arrested over corruption

Top manager of Venezuelan PDVSA arrested over corruption
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International commerce director at Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, Marco Antonio Malave, was arrested on charges of corruption, Reuters reports on Thursday.

Marco Antonio Malave is accused of conspiring with PDVSA’s contractors supplying fuel to the domestic market of Venezuela.

According to the Prosecutor's Office of Venezuela, representatives of the state-owned company have violated a number of requirements when hiring shipping companies for the delivery of gasoline to the country.

Earlier, it became known that the Venezuelan capital city, Caracas, as well as other cities in the country, has faced shortage of gasoline. Simultaneous failures in the refinery operation led to the reduction in production volumes of fuel twofold.

Despite the fuel crisis in the country, Venezuela continues exporting fuel to its political allies and even managed to increase the volume of deliveries last month, despite the warnings about the possible consequences for the domestic market of the country.