Denmark changes its law to hamper Nord Stream-2 construction

Denmark changes its law to hamper Nord Stream-2 construction
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The Danish authorities propose to amend the country’s legislation to obtain the right to prohibit the construction of Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline due to some concerns over foreign policy and security.

This statement made the Minister of Energy and Climate of Denmark, Lars Christian Lilleholt, according to Reuters.

At present, Denmark can ban the construction of the gas pipeline in its territorial waters only on a basis of threats to environmental security. The Ministry intends to bring this issue to the consideration of the European Commission and to hold negotiations with other countries for the purpose to win their support.

We should rimnd you that a few days ago, Nord Stream-2 AG officially asked the Danish authorities for permission to build the pipeline in the country’s territorial waters.

According to an analyst at Vygon Сonsulting, Maria Belova, thus Denmark responded to an appeal on the part of European Commission to find a pretext to counter the project. Since European Commission itself failed to find a basis to block Nord Stream-2, it intends to delay the solution of the issue as long as possible, the expert believes.