Why cut estimates overhaul of the building of the Moscow zoo

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Why cut estimates overhaul of the building of the Moscow zoo
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Moscow Committee on pricing in construction and state expertise of projects agreed on a draft "Overhaul of KYUBZ GAU" Moscow State Zoological Park "on the street. Presnya, etc.. 4a, p. 1

Today Stroitelstvu.RU reported in the press service of the Committee on the status of tehzaklyuchenie structures and building systems performed SUE "MoszhilNIIProekt" in 2014, subject to repair nonresidential 5-storey building, built in 1917, at the individual project. The building is considered historically valuable gradoformiruyuschim object.
Constructive scheme - frameless with bearing exterior walls and internal metal columns - intermediate supports. Walls - brick clay corpulent. Provides for the repair of buildings and redevelopment to accommodate it Clubhouse Young Biologists Zoo, designed for non-formal additional education.
As part KYUBZ provides a children's club with a zoological zoougolka location; scientific and educational center "Manulyata" for lectures and demonstrations animal training program for social adaptation of children with severe disabilities; children's theater studio "Tick-Tock"; art studio "Color" (workshop of Fine Arts); room for volunteers.
Close to facilities for children with animals provided medical office. The building is equipped with a set of fire protection systems, namely systems: automatic fire alarm, warning and evacuation, emergency (emergency) lighting, supply and exhaust smoke ventilation; internal fire water supply and others.
The project provides for unrestricted access to the premises with limited mobility 1-4 floors with a lift. The system of water supply and communication networks imported equipment replaced by domestic. Duration overhaul - 16 months. As a result of the examination (estimate recalculated in prices 01.01.2015g.) The estimated cost is reduced by 49.4 million. Rubles, which is 21.5%.