Nord Stream 2 starts preparations for gas pipeline construction in Russia

Nord Stream 2 starts preparations for gas pipeline construction in Russia
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Nord Stream 2, a company operating the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, has begun preparatory work for building activities in Russia, Rambler News reports on Thursday.

“Nord Stream 2 has begun clearing the route corridor from the vegetation along the gas pipeline route as well as building a temporary access road in the Kurgalsky nature reserve. These complex preparatory construction measures are carried out in accordance with the permission received from Russia’s Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Utilities in early June this year and taking into account the environmental requirements envisaged by the conclusion of an expert commission of the State Ecological Expertise,” Nord Stream 2 said.

The company has added that the Nord Stream 2 project is implemented in strict accordance with the provisions of this commission. The construction method, developed especially for the gas pipeline section in the Kurgalsky nature reserve, allowed the company to narrow the construction corridor and related impacts by more than 50% compared to traditional construction methods.

As a reference, the Nord Stream 2 project provides for laying a 1,230-kilometer undersea pipeline carrying natural gas from Russia to Germany. When put in operation, it will double the capacity of Nord Stream — an existing route for Russian gas supplies commissioned seven years ago. The project is owned by Gazprom, a Russian energy holding, while a group of European partners takes part financially, providing half of the project’s cost of 9,5 billion euro.