Fishing village to be established for $25 million in Moscow region

Fishing village to be established for $25 million in Moscow region
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Implementation of an investment project for the establishment of a multifunctional fish farm has been launched near the village of Timofeevo in the Moscow region, the press office of the local administration said.

“The project is planned to be implemented in three phases: construction of water facilities and improvement of the adjacent territory, stocking of ponds, construction of fishing lodges, pavilions, and a restaurant are planned for the first phase”. The first phase is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019, the volume of investments will amount to about 380 million rubles”, the report says.

According to the press office, the second phase, which is scheduled for completion before the second quarter of 2021, includes the construction of a hotel, bath complex, and the installation of water facilities. The amount of investment at this stage will be about 150 million rubles. The third phase, which is planned to be implemented in the third quarter of 2023, involves the construction of workshops for breeding African catfish and Siberian sturgeon, as well as the landscaping of the territory.

The total volume of investments is expected to amount to 1.7 billion rubles ($25 million).