Construction of plant for paint-and-lacquer materials launched in Podolsk

Construction of plant for paint-and-lacquer materials launched in Podolsk
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The Moscow regional Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities has issued a permit to build a plant in the city district of Podolsk.

The facility, which will be located on the territory of the Klimovsk micro-district, will produce and store paint and varnish products, the press office of the Ministry reports on September 14. A total of 120 million rubles ($1,7 million) are planned to be invested in the project.
The facility occupying 3,000 square meters will house production and storage facilities, while in the adjoining area, the developer will build a parking lot and access roads. The construction of the facility is scheduled to be completed by June 2019.
As a reference, Podolsk is an industrial city located 15 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. Industry forms the backbone of Podolsk economy. In 2011, about fifty large and medium-sized enterprises, more than 100 small enterprises and about 80 microenterprises carried out their activities in the territory of Podolsk. The largest share in the volume of its industrial production comes on enterprises that produce finished metal products, electrical machines and electrical equipment, food products, machinery, and equipment.