No compromises: ERD 220i redefines triad of compactness, safety and ergonomics

No compromises: ERD 220i redefines triad of compactness, safety and ergonomics
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Jungheinrich is presenting the new electric ride-on stacker ERD 220i at its virtual trade press conference on Friday. This truck is designed for flexible use in the handling warehouse and is the most compact truck in its class. Compared to its predecessor, the ERD 220i is more than 300 mm shorter thanks to its new lithium-ion battery concept, which results in a space reduction of approximately 25%.“The ERD 220i offers maximum space efficiency on the same warehouse surface. Travel routes require less space and aisle widths can be reduced.,” explains Torben Sell, the responsible product manager at Jungheinrich.

Compact thanks to the new lithium-ion battery concept

Instead going the standard way of installing a large battery tray between the platform and forks, Jungheinrich has used two battery modules of 130 Ah in the ERD 220i that are accommodated within the truck chassis. By doing this, Jungheinrich has enhanced not only the compactness, but also the weight distribution of the ERD 220i in favour of the driving parameters, which is evident in the powerful acceleration and enables driving speeds of up to 14 km/h.

New triple lift mast 

Its new lift mast version allows the ERD 220i to be used even more broadly for stacking. A new triple lift mast offers by far the highest platform height of a truck in this segment at 3,760 mm. The height of the lift mast allows the truck to enter the truck trailer as well. The ERD 220i can also be used as a double-decker to transport two pallets on top of each other, which offers significant efficiency gains, especially when loading and unloading trucks.