Where in Moscow will housing for foreign agents be built

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Where in Moscow will housing for foreign agents be built
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In Ramenki, on Mosfilm Street, construction of a residential complex of temporary residences for employees of foreign organisations has begun, Construction.ru and the press service of the Committee of the State Construction Supervision of Moscow reported today.

The developer is the main production and commercial management of the diplomatic corps at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The general contractor is JSC Service of the Customer “Partner”. Since the beginning of the construction the observing Committee of the State Construction Supervision of Moscow have made 2 inspections and issued 1 warrant for the elimination of infringements. They were quickly eliminated, and on the building site the installation of the zero cycle device has begun. The concept of the project (in an area of 1.2 hectares) entails construction of a 9-storey building with a three-section ground floor and three-level underground space. Total area is 22.3 thousand sq. m., of which the living spaces occupy 7.8 thousand sq. m.
The complex is designed for 230 people, and there will be 112 apartments. There's also supposed to be space for children, as well as 504 square meters of offices. In the garage there will be space for 267 cars, as well as ITP. The residential complex will be equipped with the most modern engineering including instrumentation and controlled heat consumption, which corresponds to the modern requirements for energy efficiency in buildings. Since the development area borders on the ‘Valley Setun River’ nature reserve, special attention is being paid to the environmental safety issues of the construction and to the improvement of the neighbouring territories. The project provides for the installation of recreational areas and a children's playground, which will be laid around the bike path, as well as landscaping with 11 trees and 440 shrubs.