What kind of week will you have regarding Building and Architecture at MosBuild 2015

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What kind of week will you have regarding Building and Architecture at MosBuild 2015
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The largest exhibition, open to all kind of experts in the construction industry, is MosBuild 2015 at the Moscow “Expocentre”.

On April 14th, the MosBuild exhibition will continue as the Week of Construction and Architecture, in which innovations from world leaders in the industry will be presented according to the themes "Construction materials and equipment", "Techno ceramics", "Tools and fixtures", "Country houses", "Finishing materials", "Stone", "Architectural light”, “Electricians", "Windows”, “Facades", "Gates” and “Automatic equipment". On April 15th, a conference at which experts will discuss questions of ecological safety will take place. The conference will take place with the assistance of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation. Rinat Gizatulin, the deputy minister of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation, will open the conference. On April 16th, the delivery of awards to the winners of the international ecological award in the field of construction and finishing materials, the e3awards, will take place. The award will be given to the manufacturing company in which production corresponds to high standards and is marked by the sign e3. The work will be continued by the MosBuild School. On April 15th, we will have Sergey Estrin’s, Boris Uborevicha-Borovsky’s and Denis Konin's master classes.
On April 16th, master classes from the Architectural bureau T+T Architects, the heads of the architectural bureau "Atrium", Anton Nadtochy and Vera Butko, the managing partner of FRONTARCHITECTURE, Vladislav Spitsyn, and the architect Andrey Asadov, will take place. We will remind you that MosBuild, the Week of Design and Décor, which united specialized expositions on finishing, design and the decor of internal spaces, took place from March 31st to April 3rd.
The organizer of the event is the ITE Group of companies. Experts can visit an exhibition free of charge if they apply for an electronic ticket on the site www.mosbuild.com.