The Tunnel has been launched

The Tunnel has been launched
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The special correspondent from, Yury  Kipin, reports on the spot. 

Regarding the project of reconstruction of the Dmitrovskoye Highway, in total 25 km of new roads, 4 platforms and two tunnels will be constructed, and the cost of the work will be about 20 billion rubles.

"With the launch of a highway junction at the crossing of the MKAD and ‘Dmitrovka’ in August of the current year, the second phase of the large-scale project of reconstruction of the Dmitrovskoye Highway will commence", Sergey Sobyanin said, then started car traffic.

As a representative from the contractor firm said, the uniqueness of the tunnel opened today is that it will distribute transport streams in two parts, on the outer side of the MKAD and on the right side of the Dmitrovskoye Highway, which will offer drivers the shortest route to the northern region in which a construction project of 1.5 mln. sq.m of real estate is being developed. The cost of work on the site has reached 3.3 billion rubles. Standard problems arose on the reconstruction of a highway junction: communications issues (in particular, a gas pipeline) and payment to land owners. We will remind you that the construction of a left rotary platform is planned in the area, as well as the reconstruction of the left rotary route to Dmitrovka, the construction of one overpass and the reconstruction of another one over railway lines. For pedestrians, there will be a subway near building 116.