Krasnoyarsk will get an ice stadium

Krasnoyarsk will get an ice stadium
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As part of the preparation for the 29th World Winter Student Games of 2019, the government of the Krasnoyarsk region and the "Russian Platinum" company have signed a cooperation agreement for the construction of an ice arena with 7 thousand seats. Cooperation will be at the levels of design, construction and creation of a multipurpose sport complex, including the ice arena, in the territory of the residential area "Silent Dawns" in Krasnoyarsk. The regional authorities have undertaken to provide the land for the site and to prepare engineering and transport infrastructure.
The ice arena has to be put into operation in 2018 and will then be given to the region. We will remind you that the "Silent Dawns" area is located on the right coast of Yenisei near the fourth bridge under construction.