Innovation during the reconstruction of the Grand Sports Arena

Innovation during the reconstruction of the Grand Sports Arena
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In Moscow, the reconstruction of the Grand Sports Arena at Luzhniki is using innovative systems of construction management.

As was reported to, by the capital department of construction, the Latista system developed by the Russian programmers in Obninsk is being used to manage quality control. It will organize the interaction of participants in construction, create a single practice of registration and elimination of notes, and inspect the quality of the work performed.
For monitoring the budget and the period of construction, the cloud-based GPM system is used by all project participants, and information from the system is available at any time and from any device. "The use of these systems not only saves more than 20% of staff time, but also helps complete the reconstruction ahead of schedule. Thus, the main work in the Grand Sports Arena will be completed by the end of 2016 - 6 months ahead of the approved schedule, " said the head of the Moscow Department of Construction, Andrey Bochkarev.
We remind you that the main games of the 2018 World Cup will be in "Luzhniki," including the opening match of one of the semi-finals and also the final of the FIFA World Cup. After reconstruction, the number of seats in the stadium will have increased from 78,000 to 81,000, and the grandstand will be as close to the football field as possible.