Rosatom has a contract with Hungary

Rosatom has a contract with Hungary
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Confirmation has been received from the Hungarian government on the construction of an NPP, it was reported to by the press service of the Russian President today. Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with the CEO of the state corporation for atomic energy, "Rosatom", Sergey Kiriyenko."We received confirmation from the government of Hungary that everything has been coordinated as agreed -  we have construction of a nuclear power plant, fuel supply, and a big, serious portfolio of orders - everything has been confirmed, the contract is effective now, everything is coordinated", said Sergey Kiriyenko at a meeting. He declared this situation was, "of course, not without pressure". In particular, the Financial Times tried to portray the story as it were about the snubbing of the European Union by the government of Hungary. Vladimir Putin answered that a refusal to construct the NPP would cause "damage to the national interests of Hungary".In December of last year, Rosatom signed contracts for the completion of the NPP "Paksh" in Hungary, and also on the supply of fuel to this station. In March 2014, Russia and Hungary also signed an agreement on the allocation of 10 billion euros of credit for the completion of the NPP. On account of this, Evrat didn't approve earlier plans for Hungary to import fuel for the NPP from Russia only.