Let there be light in the entrance

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Let there be light in the entrance
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From January 2016 in Moscow, construction will begin of standard new-style houses of 6 to 17 floors with the use at the entrance of translucent light designs.As Construction.ru reported via the press service of the Moscow City Architecture Committee, in particular, stained-glass windows are to be used, which are used only in the construction trade and business centers so far. Soon developers will be obliged to use them in houses. Besides this, entrances to houses and access to elevators will be equipped for handicapped citizens.  Houses will have flexible apartment planning and some options on the placement of balconies and windows and obligatory six-room apartments for large families. Planning on the first floors (where shops can be found) will also be looser. New types of houses will benefit from the coordination of the Moscow City Architecture Committee in September, 2015.