Russia has a national association of manufacturers of building materials

Russia has a national association of manufacturers of building materials
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The Minister of Construction and Housing, Mikhail Menn, on May 27th held a meeting to establish a Russian National Association of manufacturers of building materials, products, and structures.As was told by the press service of the ministry, Mikhail Menn reminded us that in Russia there are two national, and divergent, self-regulating organizations: those of construction and of design / surveying. At the end of 2014 a group of producers of building materials proposed the creation of their own public organization. "After a detailed study of this question, it was decided that we create a National Association of manufacturer of building materials, but not to include it in the system of self-regulation. Nevertheless, we will have a clear partner in the development of decisions on support and the further development of the building material industry. It is very important for us that this national association will express the consolidated position of the whole professional community and to protect the interests of all branches and not just of one company", the head of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Russian Federation said. According to him, the ministry acknowledges that this national association will first of all take an active role in the technical regulation of its construction branch regarding production and the use of building materials, in the development of measures to support building materials for the industry, and in the preparation of changes in the regulatory base which is necessary for the development of the industry.