How Saint-Gobain will help to create a Federal construction scientific research center

How Saint-Gobain will help to create a Federal construction scientific research center
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Saint-Gobain company will take part in the creation of a Federal scientific research center for construction planned by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities.

As the Ministry press-service reports, it became known during the meeting of Mikhail Menn and CEOs of this largest-in-the-world producer of construction materials on the 23rd of July. The meeting took place at Saint-Gobain Academy, the building of which was reconstructed with the use of modern energy efficient technologies.
Mikhail Menn was shown around the building, visited the rooms for theoretical classes and workshops where constructors, architects and designers study the use of innovative materials and technologies. The Minister highly appreciated the experience of the company in the creation of such educational center.
“The country needs innovation centers in the sphere of construction. We are planning to create a federal scientific research center for construction based on Moscow State Construction University (MSCU) with participation of large scientific research centers and subordinate to the Ministry of Construction's organizations. By the end of the year a concept project of such scientific technological platform will be ready. And we suggest Saint-Gobain company taking part in the project,” Mikhail Menn said.
In his turn, Senior Vice-President and Head of Global Sector “Construction production” of Saint-Gobain Group Claude Imauven remarked that the Russian market is very important for the company. According to him, Saint-Gobain intends to take an active part in the creation of the center and is ready to share its experience.
Mikhail Menn stressed that the need for innovative developments is conditioned by the requirements which society presents to construction complex. “Now we must build more housing paying special attention to infrastructure and energy efficient technologies use. I think the new center will become a range for new technologies development,” the Minister explained.
Director General of Saint-Gobain CISGonzague de Pirey and Scientific Research and Innovations Director Didier Roux also took part in the meeting.