Moscow land tax has dropped 10 times, but for whom?

Moscow land tax has dropped 10 times, but for whom?
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Today, the Moscow mayor's office presented a draft law that provides substantial guarantees to investors implementing priority investment projects.

As reported at a meeting of the government of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin supports projects that give the city high-skilled jobs in the efficient use of land. We are talking about initiatives in the areas of transport, innovation, social services, and import substitution. The package of measures includes support for investors at various levels, beginning with tax privileges and privileges on land leases, and finishing with subsidizing the interest rate and compensation in the case of a change to the "rules of the game". Income tax, for example, will be reduced to 13%, and payment on land tax will be reduced by a factor of 10. Compensation for spent investments will be paid by the city in a pre-judicial order in case of risks connected with nationalization and the wrong actions of officials or changes of legislation, commented the head of the department of economic policy of Moscow, Maxim Reshetnikov. It is planned that the innovation project will be completed by September of this year.