"AstanaEXPO 2017"

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"AstanaEXPO 2017"
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Astana. Our special correspondent, Alexey Nevsky.

A group of representatives from the leading construction mass media of Russia visited the huge construction site "Astana EXPO 2017" in the capital of Kazakhstan today as part of a press tour organized by the company Knauf.



The territory of this grandiose construction spreads over 174 hectares. On 25 of them, the main objects of the EXPO are being erected. Its pavilions are: National, Zone of Best Practices, and thematic and international zones that will accommodate more than 100 countries. The exhibition will open in June 2017 and installation and construction work will peak in 2015. In general, it has to be completed by October 2016, when the participating countries will start mounting and equipping their pavilions. The director of the building department "Management of construction of Astana EXPO-2017", Aytkazy Turabaev, told reporters that 4,500 workers are currently working around the clock on the site, but in the near future there will be about 10 thousand. 


Daily planners strictly control timeliness and the quality of work. The Turkish company SEMBOL CONSTRUCTION is the general contractor of the building work. About 100 large and small Kazakhstan construction companies are being sought as subcontractors. Most of the building materials used on this site, including cement, concrete, metal, dry mixes, and ceramic production, will be Kazakhstan-made. But of course, the final choice of material is down to the contractor, said Turabaev.