How is “Astana EXPO-2017” Arrangers’ office is being constructed

How is “Astana EXPO-2017” Arrangers’ office is being constructed
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Astana. Our special correspondent, Alexei Nevsky.

On the 18th of June, a group of Russian journalists visited the construction site of the “Astana EXPO-2017” complex in the framework of a press-tour, organized by the Knauf company. They were shown the building of the managers’ office being constructed, which is to be commissioned this year.It will house the employees of the company-provider of the exhibition, a media-centre, and offices for architects and designers. It is being constructed by the ADC company.  The term of commission is this October, a year before all other objects.  Façade works are now being completed, and the finishing operations inside the building, with the use of Knauf products, are in full swing.   As Almas Becknazarov, marketing manager of the company dealership, told journalists, the developer’s representatives were trained at their training center before they started work with German production. If it becomes necessary to find a unique solution on the issue of the installation of partition-walls for this building, they will get online consultations from German specialists.The constructors will have to work on partition-wall installation after the exhibition is closed, remarked Becknazarov.  The Kazakhstan Government has adopted a resolution to build an International Finance Center on the space of the exhibition infrastructure. It will require the reconstruction of indoor premises and lowering the ceiling from 8 to 4 meters. Knauf technology is well suited for that kind of work.  “It’s very good for our products to be used on such an object!” said Dimitry Propp, Marketing Director of Knauf Group enterprises in Central Asia. “The rivalry is fierce, quality and environmental requirements are strong, and we will fulfil all the contractor’s requirements. On the whole, we are satisfied with the way our products are being used here”, he stressed.