The specific features of the complex security system for GSA “Luzhniki”

The specific features of the complex security system for GSA “Luzhniki”
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According to the FIFA requirements all the territory of the Grand Sports Arena “Luzhniki” will be divided into 10 different security areas, including common access areas, press and hospitability areas, zone for VIP-guests, traffic lines, technical zone and others.

As the was told by the press service of Moscow’s construction department, the GSA security concept was developed by experts and specialists, who were responsible for the design and implementation of the security system of the Main Olympic village perimeter. The same principle will be used in getting Luzhniki ready for World Cup 2018.
It presumes the security of the whole territory instead of the one for each object. After creating the security perimeter, inside of which there is a “clean zone”, there’s no need to defend each object. All checking of each “client group” is carried out before the “clean zone”, so all threats inside the perimeter are minimized.
The concept covers 10 client groups including country leaders and guests, official delegations, VIP-categories, sportsmen, fans, etc. All of them have different priorities for passage, lodging and service. To remind you, the reconstruction of GSA started in 2014, the work is planned to be complete by the end of 2016.
The main games of the World Championship will take place in “Luzhniki” – the opening match, one of the semi-finals and the championship final match. As a result of the reconstruction the number of spectators’ places will grow from 78,000 to 81,000, and the tribunes will be closer to the football field. Also the number of entrances will be increased from 13 to 23.